• I-Stimulare Homoeopathic Software Program
    I-Stimulare Software Solution for Homoeopathic doctors,
    Worlds Simplest, Useful, Affordable and at best price.
    A research tool to work on your existing case records.
    Using masters create your own Patient Management Program.
    Easy to use, very simple and start using or taking case from day one.

i-Stimulare Homoeopathic

A simplified Homoeopathic Software Program that gives you a single screen approach instead of negotiating many screens… Allows you to stay focused in seeking the right solutions to your cases, repertory work, repertorisation, Materia Medica etc., & many more..

Benefits of i-Stimulare Software?

  • Easy to use, very simple and start using or taking case from day one.
  • The single screen approach is the backbone of i-Stimulare, this helps you to focus on your work.
  • Integrated Simple patient management program with repertorisation.
  • Gets the right rubric using single screen approach to Cross.
  • A research tool to work on your existing case records.
  • Word search takes you to all the symptoms in repertory and Materia Medica.
  • Using masters create your own Patient Management Program.
  • Remedy comparison helps you to compare remedies from repertories from different angles.

I-Stimulare’s Innovative Idea

Avoid flipping to different pages while taking a case or searching for the right rubric.

i-Stimulare’s innovative idea of having all functions in the same screen allows the doctor maintain uninterrupted continuity of his thought process. The simple presentation of the cross-reference rubrics in the same screen is one of the many features like the repertorisation or the single screen case sheet. As you can see the screen below, the chance of selecting the right rubric goes up many folds.

Patient Management Program/Case Taking

It might look very ordinary. Experience it to know the difference.

Stimulare will adjust to his/her unique case-taking method in the software. You can either opt for extensive case taking, or a brief case taking based on your requirement. Apart from the unique way the cross-references are presented, the fifth generations tools in i-Stimulare also gives you rubrics while you are entering details in options like personal History, Male, Female, Child, Observations etc, the rubric are selected directly into the case sheet itself without going to the repertory.


Why single screen approach to Repertorisation ?

i-Stimulare because of its “Single Screen Approach” the Homoeopath gets the advantage of grading the rubric and remedies one by one after the repertorisation screen is displayed. When a rubric is graded you will see the repertorisation screen changing, this gives you an idea which rubric has impacted the remedy. The remedy filter also works in the same pattern.

Remedy Comparison

Compare and Contrast view of Remedies in a Single screen

You can extract rubrics for a remedy, or many remedies for comparison from repertories. This facility also allows you to view comparison of remedies of a family e.g., Natrum group, or Kali group etc. You can also view rubrics of a particular remedy or ask the program to display its single remedy rubrics.