Best Hardware Firewall for Internet Protection

Control access to Facebook, YouTube and many such websites

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Seqrite Hardware Firewall

Seqrite hardware firewall is also known as Quick Heal hardware firewall. seqrite hardware firewall and UTM solution is comprehensive solution for preventing internet missuse and protecting office network from virus and hacking

Seqrite hardware firewall is a gateway level hardware device which is connected between your internet connection and local network. This is how this device will protect all unauthorised access to your business network. Not only that, you can also decide who can access internet and who should not be allowed to use internet.

  • Protect your network

    Prevent unauthorised access to your office network with hardware firewall and gateway antivirus. Allow only selected ports and block other ports.

  • Control Internet Access

    You can allow only selected websites to selected people. You can block all website but keep emails working. Block websites by categories

  • Block Downloads and Social Media

    Block access to social media websites like Facebook, block YouTube and allow only to selected users. You can also block download to MP4 songs, video downloads etc.

  • View Reports of Internet usage

    Check report of internet usages of your employees. Who is browsing which websites, what they are downloading, how much time they are spending on internet.

Why use hardware firewall?

Hardware firewall is secure than software firewall. Software firewall requires installation in all computers and devices while hardware firewall can be installed between your local network and internet connection. Hardware firewall is not only firewall, it's UTM which provided many useful features you don't get in software firewwall

What Neotech can provide?

We have team of experienced technicians who will understand your firewall requirements and suggest you right firewall. We will not only offer you best price for hardware firewall, we will also provide you installation and support. Our team also offers you telephonic and on-site support

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